Friday, December 5, 2008

Stop the War in Afghanistan

Stop the War in Afghanistan

The other day, an academic friend of Faruque telephoned and asked him to go to a particular place at the University of Technology, Sydney, Australia. Because of their friendship and interest Faruque complied.

It was a talkfest to stop the war in Afghanistan. A well experienced NGO doctor delivered his speech and an award winning Australian journalist also presented her documentary regarding Afghanistan. Both of them established the following:
The barbaric Americans kick the doors in Afghanistan instead of knocking them,
The barbaric Americans use unnecessary torture and violence including producing drugs,
The barbaric Americans excrement in the Mosques and poke fun out of local cultural sensibilities and
Because of their rude and offensive behavior they are going to be beaten in Afghanistan.

Many well meaning speakers joined the discussion. Faruuqe was raising his hands. However, the Democratic Socialist Party’s Pip who was chairing the meeting blatantly ignored him. Both Faruque and Pip are known to each other and friendly to each other too. Funny enough, Faruque was sitting at the front raw with a touching distance!

Faruque is a well-known activist and good speaker. Pip’s obvious censorship made many people unhappy. At one stage Faruque took the stage and started,
“Right now, I don’t want to argue – why the WW1 started. I am sure most of us would agree to the fact, the WW2 was due to the unfinished business of WW1. The harsh and unjust Treaty of Versailles gave rise of Adolph Hitler and Nazi followers in Europe. At the end of WW2 no one rushed for The Treaty of Versailles or Martial Law. They went for Marshall Plan and elevated misery and misfortunes of the population. Thus in a way, now Europe got a peace base economy and society.

Have they done the same in Afghanistan, Iraq or Palestine? Certainly not! The upshot is, the Western double standard and hypocrisy is paramount to everyone, and now almost everyone is anti-Western including former pro-Westerns.

Undoubtedly, no one other than the Zionised Western governments are responsible for this mess in the region. Therefore, please do not blame any race or religion for this man made disaster. Please remove sex, race and religion from the equation.

To add salt to the wound, the barbaric Americans have been bombing mosques, schools, wedding and funeral ceremonies and saying ‘we have killed x number of Talebans and so on’. In almost all of those occasions, independent observers found – most of the people killed in those strikes are women and children, NOT Talebans.

By the way, historically speaking, who the hell we think we are? What kinds of White Supremacists are we? Who gave us the right to tell others what to do and not to do, when and how? Why can’t we get out of Afghanistan and let them run their own country without corrupt western corporate government interference?”

The crowed cheered Faruque including Pip. Many people came to Faruque after the speech and had some respectful exchanges. Surprise! Surprise!! Pip too was having a few good conversations with him like old chum.

I say, the truth is stranger than fiction.

Source: Vinnomot Hypocrites